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Engineering Training Center (ETC) of SAME is one of the National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center in SCUT. Every year, there are about 5800 undergraduate students of 54 specialities carrying out their classroom teaching and practicing in metalworking here, according to the course ‘Engineering Materials & Mechanical Manufacture’. ETC has four main training bases, which are the comprehensive training building, the heat-processing building, the machining workshop and the welding workshop. The total building area of ETC is over 14,200 m2, and the total asset of equipments is over 26 million RMB. The number of faculty members in ETC is 47, including 1 chief professor, 4 associated professors, 3 lecturers, 5 senior engineers and senior technicians, 34 engineers and technicians, among which there are 4 have doctorate degrees. In the recent five years, ETC has carried out 17 teaching programs, of which 1 program has been cited as the teaching achievement at the national level, 2 has been cited as the teaching achievement at the provincial level. 28 teaching papers have been issued. 62 scientific research projects which total funds exceed 15 million RMB are being undertaken, and 189 research paper have been published. Nowdays, ETC has been developped as a modern training center with advanced concept, strong system, good management, rich in content, demonstration and radiation effects.