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Introduction & History
The Department of Mechatronics Engineering is one of the oldest and reputed faculties of School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, SCUT. It was restructured and developed from related faculties of Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering and Industrial Control, and was formally built up after the reshuffling of schools and departments in Dec. 2007. Mechatronic Engineering is a 2nd class subject authorized to offer doctoral programs and master’s degree programs. There is a Provincial Key Laboratory of Mechatronic Engineering being constructed now.
The department is composed of 6 research groups, 1 teaching offices of basic courses, 1 experiment centers. At present, the institute has 35 teaching and administrative staff members, including 11 professors and 10 association professors. Over the past three years, several state-level and province- and ministry-level awards for teaching and research fruits have been obtained by the institute. The fund or outlay on scientific research has reached up to 5 million a year.
The department has rich scientific research and intellectual resources, and has formed its own characteristics in such scientific fields as Embedded system and control, precision equipment and manufacture, weld power source, laser technology and application, intelligent instrument and monitoring inspection, new materials preparation and modeling and simulation. Some research work has enjoyed high reputation at home and abroad.
The department has established comprehensive system for the fostering, education and management of graduates. At present, about 40 master degree candidates and 20 PhD candidates are enrolled in the department a year. In undergraduate education, the department places emphasis on practice and innovation, aiming at fostering students with solid theoretical foundation and plentiful expertise as well as strong ability to analyze and solve practical engineering problems. The department recruits about 100 undergraduate every year. We welcome the talented youths from all over the world.

We earnestly hope to conduct close cooperation and extensive academic exchange with our peers, enterprises and research institutes from home and abroad so as to make great contributions to the vitalization of mechatronic science and engineering.

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Mechatronic engineering is the integration of precision mechanical engineering with electronics, computer systems, and advanced controls to design and construct products and processes. Mechatronic engineering is one of the newest branches of engineering with far-reaching applications to every sector of society. The mechatronic engineering program provides a broad-based education in the basic principles of electrical, mechanical and computer engineering.
Aims & Objectives
To produce mechatronic engineers who are capable of integrating the diverse disciplines of mechanical, electronic and computer engineering with a view to:
1.Design and develop high value-added consumer products with microprocessor control.
2.Design, implement and manage industrial automation machines, systems and facilities..
The programme will enable students to develop:
1. A fundamental understanding of the analysis and design of mechanical and electronic devices;
2. A broad understanding of the utilization of computers in control and communication;
3. A basic understanding of the principles of motion control;
4. Creative design abilities and a practical appreciation of the product development process through appropriate group individual activities; and the ability to coordinate multi-disciplinary projects, to make trade-offs among the available technology options with respect to cost, schedule, and risk, and to design and integrate motion control systems emphasizing motor and mechanism sub-systems;
5. Work as an effective member of a design team;
6. Communicate technical results to specialists and non-specialists.
Career prospection

Mechatronic engineers possess the core skills of mechanical engineers and electrical engineers. Their knowledge enables them to solve a wide range of mechanical, electrical and software problems, allowing them to participate in and lead multidisciplinary design teams. Mechatronic engineers are employed by product developers and manufacturers, large and small, by the mining industry, by the aerospace and defense sectors, and by the government and industry research groups. Wherever there is potential for improvement through the integration of computer and electrical hardware with mechanical systems there is a need for mechatronic engineers. In the future, mechatronic engineers will be in great demand as more industries seek to apply the evolutionary advances in computers, electronics, sensors, and actuators to improve their products, processes and services.