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The Department of Mechanics(DM), established in 1952, is one of the eldest institutes in SCUT. It is set to perform research and education on mechanical design, manufacture, process, theory and characterize of Light Industry Machinery as well as Plastic Mold. As one of the key disciplines of Guangdong province, mechanical design and equipment now covers a lot of research fields, such as mechanism theory, friction theory, robotics and engineering graphics. Some novel and promising research work, like high molecular material machine and micro electromechanical system (MEMs), are also involved. Light Industry Machinery involves the creative design, manufacturing, testing and evaluation of such devices as extruder, injection moulding machine, blow moulding machine, rubber machine, food machine, packaging machine and so on. 

During the past decade, the DM has already undertook and completed over ten important projects, such as the projects of Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), the Key Project of NSFC, the Project for the National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 Program), the Project for the State Torch Program, and so on. A number of research papers have already been published and more than fourteen national awards and provincial awards have been granted. 

To complete the academic degree study, the students in this program must have a solid foundation in physics, chemistry, mathematics and materials. This program includes studies in basic mechanics of electricity and electronics, engineering, mechanical theory, mechanical design, fluids, thermodynamics, heat transfer, industry design, controls, rheology, polymer processing and mold design. This program enjoys an international reputation and places its graduates in every facet of industry and academia. Students in this program may specialize in manufacturing, mold, automotive, polymers and rubber industry.

Wireless Capsule Endoscope (Left: inside; Right: outward appearance)