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Faculty & Staff

The School of Journalism and Communication always places a great emphasis on the construction of its faculty team. Currently, it has a total of 63 faculty and staff, and 51 of them are full-time faculty members, including 19 full professors, 17 associate professors (one of them is an American). Nearly 70% of faculty members have senior professorship and 34 have doctoral degrees, accounting for 66% of the total faculty. In recent years, SCJ has hired three faculty members with overseas doctoral degrees and recruited two professors. It hired 48 part-time professors from media industries.

“Pearl River Scholar” Professor: JIANG Jianguo 

South China University of Technology’s outstanding talent in “Recruitment Plan of Outstanding Talents and Teams”: LUO Yunjuan 

Guangdong Province’s “Ten Hundreds and Thousand Projects” talents: YUAN Zhong, YANG Wei, LIU Yindi, CHEN Juan, GAO Hui 

The third Guangdong Province propaganda andideological front “Ten Hundred Thousand Projects”outstanding talents: DUAN Chunlin, HAN Hongxing , ZHAO Hong