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The School of Journalism and Communication (SJC) at South China University of Technology (SCUT) was founded in July 2004. It has a total of 63 faculty and staff, and 51 of them are faculty members, including 19 full professors, 17 associate professors (one of them is an American). It has 1 consultant professor (Dean Kim at Boston University’s College of Communication), 1emeritus professor (Thai Princess Sirindhorn), 1 guest professor of “Hundred Talents Program” (Prof. Chen Guoming from Rhode Island University), and 37 adjunct professors (all from the leading media groups in SouthChina).

SJC consists of four departments and two centers, in-cluding Department of Journalism and Communication,Department of Brand Communication, Department of Audio-Visual Communication, Department of Online Communication, Experimental Teaching Center, and Hu-manities Quality Education Center. The undergraduate programs include journalism (multimedia journalism),communication (Internet & new media and audio-visual communication), advertising (brand communication),and editing & publishing (new media). SJC has one international class in journalism and communication andhas developed “2+2” undergraduate dual degree programs with Missouri School of Journalism and RutgersUniversity. It has a first-level discipline authorized to offer master’s degree in Journalism and Communication, and it has been authorized to offer professional master’s degree in Journalism and Communication. It partnered with SCUT’s School of Marxism to offer an interdisciplinary doctoral degree concentration in Marxist Journalism and Communication Research. It developed a joint master program in Software Engineering (new media concen-tration) with SCUT’s School of Software Engineering and created an EMBA program in New Media and Brand Management with SCUT’s College of Business Adminis-tration.

Since its establishment, SJC has undertaken more than 200 national-level, provincial-level and enterprise-fund-ed research projects. It has published more than 1,200 journal articles and 134 books (including textbooks, and and e-textbooks). It has also won 30 national and provincial awards. SJC has built a research collaboration and exchange platform with government agencies and media industries in Guangdong province. It partnered with School of Computer Science & Engineering, School of Software Engineering and School of Electronic & Information Engineering to build Key Research Lab for Innovation and Application of New Media and Brand Communication in Guangdong Province (New MediaLab). It collaborated with Guangdong TV Station to establish a production and academic research base. It founded Center for Documentary Production and Research with Southern TV, a cloud media collaborativeinnovation lab with Guangzhou Daily (Guangdong Media), and Research Center for Data Journalism in collaboration with Missouri School of Journalism. Some other SJC research institutes include Hakka Culture Research Institute , Southern Media Research Center, Research Institute of Brand Communication, and Research Institute of Communication Law and Communication Ethics. 

Every year, SJC invites international and domestic distin-guished scholars for academic exchange to broaden the vision of its faculty and students. In recent years, it has successfully held many forums such as “Southern Media Summit Forum,” “Southern Brand Forum,” “Peking University Film Festival (South China Chapter),” and “South China Reading Feast.” It has organized and hosted several academic conferences, including “The 11th Annual Conference of Chinese Collegial Association for Visual Art,” “The 2011 Annual Conference of China New Media Communication Association,” and “The 15th Annual Conference of China’s Advertising Education.” It has also hosted many academic lectures such as “Southern Media Leaders Lecture Series,” “Missouri School of Journalism’s Lecture Week about Media Convergence,” and “Dentsu Advertising Lectures.”