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Guangdong General Hospital Announced as Affiliated Hospital of SCUT

The Guangdong General Hospital (GGH) was last week officially announced as an affiliated hospital of SCUT, installing a milestone in SCUT’s aspiring plan of developing medical science and its applications by partnering some of the best medical institutions in the local region.


The plaque of the “Affiliated Guangdong General Hospital of SCUT” was unveiled on June 28 at the GGH headquarters, which is also where SCUT’s First Clinical School is based. After the Guangzhou First People’s Hospital was announced as an affiliated hospital of SCUT this February, the GGH became the second hospital that is directly affiliated to the university.


Nearly a hundred people attended the ceremony to witness the announcement. Distinguished guests were Peng Wei, Counselor of the Guangdong Provincial Commission of Health and Family Planning, Zhang Xichun, Secretary of the CPC SCUT Committee, Wang Yingjun, SCUT’s President, as well as executive members of SCUT and the GGH, and professors and medical staff of the GGH.


Founded in 1946, the GGH is one of the largest general hospitals in China, with rich experiences in dealing with emergent diseases, severe diseases and massive rescue operations. The hospital has participated in a number of medical care missions for major international conferences and sports events held in Guangzhou. During the SARS outbreak in 2003, it was the only designated hospital in Guangdong province for accepting foreign patients, leaving no infection of medical staff and no death of SARS patients in the period.


The latest cooperation between SCUT and the GGH started from 2014, when the two worked together to build several academic establishments of SCUT, including the School of Medicine, the Research Institute of Life Sciences, and the First Clinical School. After three years of collaboration, the announcement on June 28 made a significant mark in the partnership that is committed to promoting teaching and research in medical science, as well as providing high quality medical services to the public.


Since the beginning of 2017, SCUT has made an impressive progress in its agenda of developing an academic field of medical science. Except for setting up two affiliated hospitals at the Guangzhou First People’s Hospital and the GGH, it is also working with the Tianhe District on a new paradigm of government-university collaboration to build the Tianhe Affiliated Hospital of SCUT, whose foundation was laid on March 30.


Source from the University News Center, with some materials retrieved

from the Guangdong General Hospital’s website

Translated and edited by Xu Peimu

From the SCUT News Network


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