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Tea Tasting and Cultural Exchange in Chinese Courtyard

An amazing cultural exchange experience focused on two programs, Tea Tasting delivered by Chinese student and Cultural exchange delivered by two Russian girls, which was organized by School of International Education and International Student Union in Wushan campus on 13th April.

In the beginning of the event was each student introduced themselves in Chinese. Most of International students were capable to speak in Chinese very well and we gave the opportunity for Chinese student to speak in English, this way both of us improve ourselves together. It was very unpredictable that our participants were coming from different level of students from Ph.D., master and bachelor students till junior school students were there to experience our event.

Our first program, Marcus was presenting about Chinese Tea’s History and showed us an incredible video back to ancient time about drinking tea tradition. He mentioned that a Tea is consumed regularly, both at casual and formal occasions. In addition to being a popular beverage, tea is used in traditional Chinese medicine, as well as in Chinese cuisine. Meanwhile the students were amazed with the video and then our ISU members were giving a cup of tea to each participant. The participants were also requested to memorize three words 红茶、绿茶、茉莉花茶。It was seen that our participants were enjoying the Chinese Tea a lot and even requested to get more tea.

Black Tea

Our second program, Maria and Aleksa gave a brief presentation about the traditional dress, cuisine, a beautiful snowing scenery, values and traditions of Russia. Maria was introducing about the geography, religion and border of Russia and Aleksa was giving the detail of the tasty meal in the “mouth-watering”way such as soups based on cabbage called shchiand the special food closed to Chinese food is Pelmeni (dumpling style).These two girls were not only explaining about Russian culture and also told us to imitate some cuisine’s name in Russian. It was unforgettable moment to speak Russian for the first time. Some of us thought that the cuisine’s name was very beautiful as if a girl’s name. What a food name!

Last but not least, Selfie time ! Oops, I meant  a group picture. This was one of the most favorite thing to do in Chinese Courtyard. All the participants were showing their happy face to take a group picture. Hopefully Chinese Courtyard will give a good benefit to the participants and also enlarging a friendship between international and Chinese students.

Chinese Courtyard is a bimonthly event arranged by School of International Education and International Student Union in Wushan campus. The next Chinese Courtyard will be held on April 27. We will give the further information in the Chinese Courtyard group. If you are willing to join us please contact Dian or Raja. See you in the next Chinese Courtyard! “Experiencing Culture and Nurturing friendship”


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