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Trial Teaching Interviews for the Recruitment of New Teachers Successfully Held

Director of the International Education Department of Chinese, Professor Shan Yunming hosting the recruitment
The candidates trial teaching
The teachers attentively listening

On the afternoon of March 4, trial teaching interviews for the recruitment of new teachers was held in room 503, Building 32, Wushan Campus. Deputy dean Professor Hu Yongjian, Directorof the School Personnel Department, Wang Zhe, Directorof the International Education Department of Chinese, Professor Shan Yunming, Directorof the Department of Chinese Language and Research, Pei Xiaorong, Liu Kang and Chinese teachers attended the recruitment.

The recruitment was hosted by Professor Shan Yunming, Directorof the International Education Department of Chinese. After the first round of the resume selection, nine candidates from the University of Cologne, Jinan University, South China Normal University, Yunnan University, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, and other colleges and universities were invited to participate in the interview. The trial teaching was divided into three sections: teaching demonstration, classroom communication, and English questions and answers. The candidates were evaluated in aspects of scientific research ability, teaching ability, language expression ability and communication ability. All the teachers participated in the evaluation section.

After the trail teaching, Deputy Dean Professor Hu Yongjianmade a concluding statement. He commented that such recruitments can help to attract excellent scholars of relevant majorsfrom home and abroad to come to our university to work, and expand the Chinese teaching and research team of the School of International Education. At the close of this recruitment, Hu Yongjian organized all the teachers to evaluate and summarize the comprehensive performance of the candidates.

Time: 2017-03-06

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