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Vice President Zhu Min Inspects SIE’s Preparatory Work for the Coming Semester

Vice President Zhu Min

Dean An Ran

Director of Finance & Inspection, Su Yunfa

Chatting with International Students

Visiting Staff from All Departments


On September 1, SCUT Vice President Zhu Min came to the south campus in order to inspect the preparatory work being done for the new semester. He expressed his sincere appreciation to the teachers and students of our school. The director of Finance & Inspection Su Yunfa accompanied him on the inspection. Dean An Ran, Deputy Dean Liu Cheng, Hu Yongjian and Yang Haosong of our school, Teacher Wang Jingyu who is designated to be the Chinese Dean of Audi Confucius Institute Ingolstadt attended the meeting.  

Vice President Zhu Min’s first stop was the International student registration and enrollment area. He chatted with international students who had come to register, trying to better understand which majors the international students prefer, and encouraged them to learn Chinese as soon as possible. He also asked how they were adjusting to their new environment and adapting to Guangzhou’s climate and Chinese food. All the students said they’re very happy to study in South China University of Technology (SCUT) and teachers and their schoolmates have provided generous help. They are looking forward to their new life of live in SCUT. Vice President Zhu Min expressed satisfaction with the orderly process after which he visited the staff of each department.  

At the meeting, Vice President Zhu Min listened to the work report presented by Dean An Ran. During the report, Dean An Ran introduced the latest developments and main concerns of international students' education. She also proposed some new ideas for further improvement corresponding with the recent research. Vice President Zhu Min gave full affirmation to the recent work done, and presented important instructions to optimize the process of examination and approval. He emphasized that the School of International Education should work towards increasing the overall education of foreign students, and improving the quality of students, all the while strengthening the various departments and schools in the university. He hopes to shift international student education to a new level. Vice President Zhu Min also made clear instructions about the development of Audi Confucius Institute Ingolstadt. He expects the Audi Confucius Institute Ingolstadt to perform all preparatory work, especially inregards to the opening ceremony and developing its own characteristics.


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