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Confucius Institute Scholarship
time: 2017-03-10


Confucius Institute Scholarship

South China University of Technology (SCUT), as the exclusive university in Guangzhou appointed by Hanban /Confucius Institute Headquarters to host HSK Scholarship Training Program, has provided the program for scholarship students for years. With competitive course settings, diversified extra-curriculum activities and sound teaching effect as well, SCUT has gained great appraisal by Hanban (Confucius Institute Headquarters) and students who studied at SCUT.



Applicants must be non-Chinese citizen aged from 16 to 35 and in good health.

2. Scholarship Category and Requirements

(1)  Scholarship for One-Semester Students: Applicants should achieve a score of at least 120 on the HSK (level 2) and at least 40 on the HSKK (primary level), or at least 100 on the BCT (A) and at least 120 on the BCT (spoken Chinese).


(2)  Scholarship for One-Academic Year Students: Applicants should achieve a score of at least 180 on the HSK (level 3) and at least 60 on the HSKK (primary level), or at least 180 on the BCT (A) and at least 180 on the BCT (spoken Chinese);

3. Details of the Scholarship (Full Scholarship)

(1) Exempt from registration fee, tuition, and accommodation fees on campus

(2) Monthly living allowance: RMB 2,500

(3) Comprehensive Medical Insurance for International Students in China.


General Chinese Language program, Chinese as a Foreign Language (Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, Chinese Language & Communications, Chinese for Business & Trade, Chinese for Tourism), Communication, Education, Literature, History, etc.


(1) Application Deadline is before the registration day each semester.

(2) By the end of May, successful applicants will be shortlisted and results will be submitted to Hanban for final approved.

(3) By the end of June, the results will be published on the website of SIE.

(4) In early July, the Office of International Student Recruitment will send the Admission Notice and Visa Application Form (JW202) to the successful applicants.

(5) Start of Classes: September 1 (To be confirmed)

6. Application Documents

Applicants must submit their documents according to the following instructions:

(1) Confucius Institute Scholarship Application Form (Applicants must first apply on the website: After completing the application form, please print two copies of the application form, and submit them together with other application documents).


(2) Photocopy of passport (photo page).


(3) Application statement: indicating the applicant's Chinese learning background and study plan in China. It should be no less than 400 words for the one-semester Study Scholarship applicants, no less than 800 words for the One-Academic year Study applicants.


(4) A copy of the new HSK and HSKK result report:


(5) Diploma and transcripts.


(6) Reference Letter and Letter of Commitment. Students attending Chinese language programs of universities in countries with no Confucius Institutes established shall attach a reference letter signed and issued by the university President.


(7) Applications under the age of 18 should submit letters of approval and provide the emergency contact number for their legal guardians in China.


(8) Foreigner Physical Examination Form.



(1) All documents mentioned should be in either Chinese or English.

(2) Certificate and transcripts should be in notarized translations in Chinese or English.

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