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We are grateful for the following donation projects made by our alumni:

  • Alumni in Shantou donated to build "Shantou Alumni Building," which is now used as the office building for our administrative and teaching staff.

  • 2002, the alumni made donations for the decoration project and purchase of teaching facilities of our main teaching facility-No. 12 building;

  • Mr. Mo Daoming, who received Master of Management Engineering in 1989, donated 1 million RMB yuan in 2007 to set up "McWalts Excellent Achievement Prize for Scientific Research" and "McWalts Stipend" in the School.

  • EMBA Donation Fund initiated by the SCUT EMBA Federation was established to contribute to SCUT and support SCUT's under-privileged students' education.

  • Mr. Mo Daoming donated 65 million RMB yuan in 2011 to support the construction and growth of SCUT, which is the largest single donation that SCUT has ever received since its founding.

  • Mr. Mo Daoming donated 750 thousand RMB yuan in 2013 to support the student international exchange activities.