Prof. ZHU Guilong bestowed the GD Outstanding Social Scientist

time: 2019-10-21

The 3rd GD Outstanding Social Scientists and the 8th GD Excellent Research Achievements in Philosophy and Social Science Awards Presentation Ceremony was held on September 10 in Guangzhou. Prof. ZHU Guilong from School of Business Administration South China University of Technology was awarded Outstanding Social Scientist, which makes him the only winner in Management Science this year and another scholar from the School who won the distinguished title – Prof. LAN Hailin was among the first recipients of the accolade in 2011.

For more than 20 years, adhering to practice-oriented research on management under the Chinese scenario, Prof. Zhu constructed a SCP theory of Chinese industry-university-research cooperation based on a perspective of capacity structure, and produced a number of creative research fruits on innovative system management, innovative system of industry-university-research cooperation, and the theory and method of technology evaluation. The new ideas and topics he proposed enrich and develop China’s innovation management theory. He has been providing consultancy to related government units and enterprises to solve practical management issues such as the construction of innovative system, development of innovative capability, transformation of scientific research achievements, and the institutional reform of the collaborative innovative mechanism. Fully affirmed and highly recognized by authorities and enterprises, his accomplishments actively contribute to promoting the implementation of Guangdong’s innovation-driven development strategy.