2018 National Conference on MPAcc Teaching Management held at SBA
time: 2018-05-18

Sponsored by the China National MPAcc Education Supervisory Committee and organized by SCUT School of Business Administration (SBA), the 2018 National Conference on MPAcc Teaching Management was held at the International Conference Hall at Liwu Science & Technology Building on May 14, 2018.

The conference covered a range of issues including summary and outlook of MPAcc education, experience sharing on MPAcc education practice, and interpretation of specific assessment plans. More than 400 professors and experts from 210 universities all over the nation attended the event with different sessions chaired by Prof. Zhang Weiguo, Dean of SBA, Prof. Liu junyong and Prof. Xu Yude, members of the MPAcc Supervisory Committee, and Prof. Xie Jun, Director of SBA MPAcc program.

The event is the largest national working conference on MPAcc teaching management in recent years. In order to organize an effective conference and facilitate exchange among participants, SBA introduced innovative measures such as an informationalized event organization system which integrates the registration and conference information management, and a cloud-based live stream of the conference photo, etc. which were well received by the attendees. The conference has successfully created an exchange platform for accounting educators to strengthen the interaction and cooperation among participating institutes, push forward the development of professional degree education, and promote innovations to the MPAcc program.