SBA’s MPAcc teaching case awarded one of the best in 2017
time: 2018-04-09

The winning list of 2017 Best National MPAcc Teaching Cases was recently revealed by the National MPAcc Education Supervisory Committee. Six teaching cases developed by SBA faculty participated in the selection, among which the one developed by Dr. Liao Mingqing entered the list of best 30 that takes into consideration over 458 cases submitted by 98 business schools nationwide. In addition to the winning one, the other five cases were all included in the National MPAcc Teaching Case Base.

In recognizing that case study, as a complement to theoretical teaching and benefiting one another, plays an important supplementary role in MPAcc education, SBA has attached great significance to the development and writing of teaching cases, and encouraged its faculty to actively carry out research on case study which brings vitality into teaching activities.

The six cases are:

  • LIAO Mingqing - Giant Interactive: the road of capital operation via privatization and backdoor listing

  • XIE Jun - Research on HNA Group’s internal capital market

  • XIAO Wan - China Fortune, the happy PPP financing

  • XIAO Wan - China Fortune, where is the happiness

  • LIE Qianhua - Pursuing progress or heading to dead end: CAU Technology’s road of Reorganization

  • LIE Qianhua – The impact of Huace Film & TV’s consecutive mergers and acquisitions: improving performance or being out of breath