A fresh start for the year ahead
time: 2018-03-12

On the afternoon of March 8, the SBA faculty meeting for new semester was held at Room 107. Nearly 200 faculty members and staff including the School’s management team attended the meeting presided by Hu Yiwu, Secretary of CPC SBA Committee.

At the meeting, Zhang Weiguo, Dean of the School, delivered a work report in which he analyzed the SBA’s result in the recent MoE Discipline Evaluation and outlined the future development ideas evolved out of outcomes of the School’s strategic development seminar held during the past winter vacation. He said that having achieved a good ranking in the fourth round of MoE’s evaluation in the disciplines of Management Science and Engineering, and Business Administration, SBA will strive to overcome the difficulties and bottlenecks encountered and during the progress and better prepare for the fifth round of discipline evaluation by further reinforce our strength in team building, talent cultivation, scientific research, platform and think tanks construction, international exchange and cooperation, and social service.

The SBA CPC secretary Hu Yiwu then gave a speech to mobilize the participation of SBA faculty and staff in the AACSB accreditation process. He introduced the AACSB accreditation and its significance to the development of the School. Emphasizing that SBA has entered a critical period of accreditation, he hope all faculty and staff participate actively in related work and contribute to the construction of “Double First-Class” business school. Subsequently, associate deans and deputy CPC secretary announced work arrangement for 2018 within their own responsibilities.