SBA students' dissertation awarded for excellence
time: 2017-10-27

The winners of The SCUT Award of Excellent Degree Dissertations 2016 were recently announced upon application by the authors, review by the experts and approval by the University’s Degree Committee. One doctoral degree dissertation and five master’s degree dissertations from School of Business Administration were awarded.

The objective of the SCUT Award of Excellent Degree Dissertation is to recognize the outstanding contributions of the author in scientific research and that of his/her supervisor in talent cultivation. In recent years, School of Business Administration has attached great importance to the production of excellent postgraduate degree dissertations and continuously improved the dissertation quality supervision system. The award of these papers is a significant reflection of the level of postgraduate education.


List of the Winners:

SCUT Excellent Doctoral Degree Dissertation in 2016

  1. The Research of Paternalistic Human Resource Management and Its Mechanism from the Perspective of Socioemotional Wealth Theory

        Author: WU Kunjin, Business Management Class 2011, supervised by LIU Shanshi

SCUT Excellent Master’s Degree Dissertation in 2016

  1. The Effects of External Organizational Integration and Knowledge Acquisition on New Service Development Performance

        Author: LIU Yi, Corporate Management Class 2012, supervised by JIAN Zhaoquan

  1. The Influence of Network of Independent Directors on M&A Performance of Listed Companies

        Author: ZHENG Xiaoling, Accounting Class 2012, supervised by WAN Lianyong

  1. The Empirical Research on Transformation Efficiency of Scientific Achievements in Research Universities

        Author: CHEN Liyu, Technological Economics and Management Class 2013, supervised by XU Zhi

  1. Optimization Study of the Vehicle Routing Problem in A Express Company C Station

        Author: XIE Wanjun, MBA Class 2012, supervised by ZHOU Wenhui

  1. The Financial Evaluation of CXD Low-end Bluetooth Headset Project

        Author: HE Chaoyong, MBA Class 2012, supervised by SHAO Xijun