SCUT ranks #12 in management among Chinese mainland universities
time: 2017-05-23

According to the newly released Chinese University Ranking (Wu Shulian) by Subject 2017, complied by the Chinese University Ranking Research Team of Chinese Academy of Management Science, South China University of Technology (SCUT) is rated level A++ again since its first entering the category in 2016, rising from 10th last year to 12th in Management among 721 Chinese mainland universities. SCUT 

The subject of management includes six majors which are management science and engineering, business administration, agriculture economic management, public management, library, information and archives management, and logistics management and engineering. The Chinese University Ranking (Wu Shulian) by Subject 2017 evaluates the Chinese universities by percentages. The top 10% universities are level A while only the best 2% are level A++. This year, 15 Chinese mainland universities are rated level A++ in terms of management.