[Lecture] Learning Service Quality by Observing Service Outcomes
time: 2017-01-09

Title: Learning Service Quality by Observing Service Outcomes

Speaker: Prof. Refael Hassin

Time: 3:00pm, Jan 12, 2017

Venue: Zhuanghui Hall, Building #12, Wushan Campus

Introduction to the Speaker:

Prof. Refael Hassin studied Economics and Operations Research at Tel Aviv and Yale Universities. His research focuses on Network Flows and Combinatorial Optimization, and in recent years also on the economics of queues. Hi is a co-author of the book "To Queue or not to Queue: Equilibrium Behaviour in Queueing Systems" which is the first published book on strategic queueing models, and recently published a follow-up "Rational Queueing."


We study a model in which customers arrive to a facility that provides a service whose quality is not known for sure before, but, becomes known after experiencing it. Customers are identical and possess a prior belief about the quality. If customers decide to join the queue, they update their belief when another customer completes her service and communicates her value to all other customers currently in the queue. There is no other communication allowed. The objective of this paper is to understand the customer equilibrium joining and reneging behaviour. We suggest ways to increase welfare by monetary means and through queue-discipline mechanisms.