Young faculty's research recognized by management science
time: 2016-10-19

Dr. Zhong Yuanguang, a faculty member of SBA, has recently achieved innovative research result in supply chain management. His paper titled "Resource Pooling and Allocation Policies to Deliver Differentiated Service" was formally accepted by the top tier international journal Management Science in the domain of Operations Management. The paper was awarded the Best Paper of The 8th Annual International Conference of Chinese Scholars Association for Management Science and Engineering (CSAMSE) in 2015.

The study of this paper performs a important leading role in the inventory sharing theories and methods of supply chain management. The traditional analysis of inventory pooling considers the performance metric in a centralized system and does not address the associated issue of inventory allocation. How to find an efficient method for resources sharing and allocation is a major difficulty in the current research. Using Blackwell's Approachability Theorem, Dr. Zhong and his co-authors derive a set of necessary and sufficient conditions to relate the fill rate requirements to the resources (inventory or capacity) needed in the system. It provides a new approach of resources sharing and allocation that can effectively lower the amount of safety stock needed in a system.

The Management Science, internationally recognized as one of the top scholarly journals in management, was founded in 1954 by the United States Institute of Operations Research and Management Science. The journal receives more than 1000 articles from all around the world each year, and no more than 60 are approved to be published (acceptance rate is around 6%), Among all domains covered in the journal, Operations Management is the most competitive area of research. So far no more than five papers in this domain were published with local scholars from Chinese universities as the first authors. This is the first time that the SBA faculty member published in the international journal of the highest level in management science, which is a breakthrough in the discipline construction of the SBA.