Guru's forum on industrial technology innovation held in SBA
time: 2016-12-05

The Manufacturing industry is a core engine of the economic development. As a global manufacturing country, China is being squeezed by both the developed and developing countries in recent years. To implement the Made in China 2025 plan, we must accelerated the strategy of manufacturing power through innovation. Guangdong Province as a manufacturing giant, how it can maintain its leading position in the situation of demographic dividend vanishing, production costs raising, and the land and environmental constraints increasing? To what extent the Guangdong manufacturing industry participate in the international production, and in what position of the industrial chain? On November 28, A forum among gurus from government, enterprises, universities and research institutes was held to discover the difficulties and pain points of industrial development, share leading enterprises' successful experience in innovation and explore a feasible path of innovation development for Guangdong industries.

The forum themed Direction and Path: Building the National Industrial Technology Innovation Center in Guangdong was co-sponsored by the SCUT Social Sciences Division, SBA and the SBA Research Center of Chinese Corporate Strategic Management. Mr. Zheng Haitao, Deputy Director of Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Prof. Zhai Jinping, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Professor in South China University of Technology, Prof. Zhu Guilong, Dean of the SBA, Mr. Huang Xiangdong, Former President of GAC Automotive Engineering Institute and Deputy General Manager of GAC Group, Mr. Liu Xiaowen, Vice President of Midea Central Research Institute, Mr. Xing Shaolong, Director of Office of HEC Group Research Institute and Director of Project Development Department, and Prof. Lan Hailing, Director of the SBA Research Center of Chinese Corporate Strategic Management attended the event. The one-day forum was abundant in content with keynote speeches given by attendees from different background. At the end of the day, Prof. Lan Hailing summarized the meeting with suggestions for Guangdong Province to build the national industrial technology innovation center.