SBA delegation attends the AMBA Asia-Pacific Conference
time: 2016-11-18

On November 14-16, Prof. Zhu Guilong, Dean of the SBA and Ms. Meng Rui, Accreditation Secretary of the SBA Office of International Affairs, attended the 2016 AMBA Asia-Pacific Conference for Deans and Directors in Nagoya, Japan. The event was jointly organized by the Association of MBAs (AMBA) and the Graduate School of Nagoya University of Commerce and Business (NUCB). More than 80 representatives from more than 30 business schools and international educational institutions from 10 countries participated in the conference.

During the conference, 11 sessions with keynote speeches and discussions were organized for the attendees to exchange ideas on such issues as the future development of business schools in the global economic environment, the challenges faced by the MBA education, the entrepreneurship education and innovation system of business schools, the innovative MBA program, the MBA students career development, and the "E teaching method" in MBA program etc. one of the sessions was dedicated to the development of Chinese business schools and the MBA education development China. In the AMBA sessions, Mr. Andrew Main Wilson, CEO of AMBA, presented the attendees with the updates on the Association's activity and strategy, and Mr. George-Iliev, Director of AMBA Market Development, highlighted the major changes of AMBA certification standards.