Business Administraion (Broad Stream)

time: 2017-10-25

The Bachelor of Management in business administration program (BA, broad stream), rated as “Outstanding Undergraduate Program” by both national and provincial education authorities, gives students comprehensive knowledge to all basic aspects of business administration, equipping them with broad-based knowledge and expertise, broad horizon and whole-educated personality to become well-rounded business leaders as well as professional candidates who would further study for master's or PhD program.

In respond to the demand of economic globalization, SCUT integrates the BA program into one broad stream in the first two years and provides four different concentrations for students according to their interests in the last two years. The four concentrations include i) business management, ii) financial management, iii) human resource management and iv) marketing. In the first two years, students will take required courses referring to basic knowledge and methodology in management, such as follows:

• Micro economics and Macro economics
• Introduction to management
• Accounting
• Fundamentals of operation research
• managerial statistics
• management information systems
• Introduction to system engineering
• Introduction to industrial manufacture
• Organizational behavior
• Fundamentals of psychology
• Social responsibility

Students will be admitted into the third year of the program when they obtain the required credits and select one concentration in BA. Each concentration is designed to offer professional knowledge and expertise specialized in one of the four aspects of business administration. In addition, students are encouraged to select relative elective courses following their interests and get qualified credits. During the period, students will have opportunities to participate in international exchange programs and be supervised by two mentors when entering the stage of dissertation writing.

Business Management
The Bachelor of Management in Business Management is designed to educate top-notch business professionals with a strong global business sense and international perspective who can meet the challenges of a dynamic globalized economy. Core courses include: International business, Strategic management, International strategy, Cross-culture management and International Commercial Law etc. Most of the core courses are taught in English.

Financial Management
The Bachelor of Management in  Financial Management provides an in-depth education in finance theories and expertise to students who wish to work in a range of financial services. Major topics covered include corporate finance, capital investment, econometrics, financial marketing, financial statement analysis, taxation, derivatives and risk management etc.

Human Resource Management
The Bachelor of Management in Human Resource Management offers a professional education in human resource theories and expertise to students who wish to work as human resource managers with professional knowledge. Core professional courses include strategic human resource management, human recourse development, compensation and performance management, labor relationship and organizational design etc.

The Bachelor of Management in Marketing is designed to educate professionals in marketing theories and expertise students who wish to work as marketing managers with professional knowledge. Major topics covered include marketing theory, commercial behavior, marketing planning, marketing investigation, distribution management, promotion and sales and service marketing etc.

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