Reform and Re-launching: Academician Kefu Chen was elected as "Top Ten Leaders in China's Paper Industry"
time: 2019-03-08

Recently, China Paper Industry Network announced the "Reform and Re-launching: Ten Leaders in the Paper Industry ", paying tribute to the ten extraordinary leaders who have made indelible contributions to the development of China's paper industry since the Reform and Open-up of China. Kefu Chen, the first academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering in paper making industry, and also the professor of the School of Light Industry and Engineering of South China University of Technology (SCUT), was elected as the "Top Ten Leaders in China's Paper Industry".

Academician Kefu Chen has been engaged in scientific research and teaching of pulp and paper engineering as well as environmental engineering for a long time. In order to solve the "bottleneck" problem of resources and environment in China's paper industry, he has made unremitting efforts in the research and development of new technologies for energy saving and pollution reduction, especially in the implementation of medium and high consistency pulping technology to replace low consistency pulping methods, and successfully developed medium and high consistency pulp. Pulp bleaching technology with less pollution and complete equipment have made outstanding contributions to clean production and personnel training in China's paper industry.

Academician Kefu Chen has also cultivated more than 60Ph.Dstudents who have already become outstanding technological talents in the field of papermaking technology. His team has more than 40 invention patents, most of which have been engineered. Academician Kefu Chen's team is responsible for the key projects of national science and technology support in the Eleventh Five-Year Plan and the major projects of national science and technology in the Twelfth Five-Year Plan as well as the demonstration projects of industrialization. Based on enterprises, the scientific and technological platform for production, teaching and research has been established. Excellent results have been achieved, and the leap-forward development of energy saving and emission reduction in pulp and paper making in China has also been realized. The technology level Preparatory technology has entered the advanced ranks. His team was awarded the honorary title of "Twelfth Five-Year Advanced Collective of Scientific and Technological Innovation" by China Light Industry Federation.

"The paper industry will continue to develop and embark on the road of sustainable development. It is hoped that all colleagues in the paper industry will make continuous efforts to escort the industry. I strongly believe that the future of papermaking will not be limited to cultural paper, packaging paper, household paper and so on. It will become an indispensable part of the development of other industries and contribute to the country's high-tech industry.” Kefu Chen said. The healthy development of the paper industry requires the joint efforts of the whole industry. Academician Kefu Chen is still fighting for his "paper dream" at a new starting point of reform.

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(Photo News/School of Light Industry and Engineering, China Paper Network Editor/LinSun)