[No.43 South China Humanities Forum]Professor Wu Guosheng from Tsinghua University Gave a Lecture on "The Discovery of Nature and the Death of Nature"
time: 2017-06-29

On June 22th, No. 43 South China Humanities Forumwas held in the lecture room 201. Professor Wu Guosheng from Tsinghua University was invited to give an academic lecture, entitled “The Discovery of Nature and the Death of Nature”. The lecture was chaired by Vice dean Wu Guolin.

Professor Wu Guosheng talked about “Nature” from three aspects. He said: there was no concept of nature in ancient China, and the word “nature”was introduced from Japan. Besides, Western scholars generally believe that “nature”was human nature. Then he explained the relationship between nature and science and technology. He said if you do not understand the Western philosophy of nature, you can not understand the philosophy of science and technology. Lastly, he pointed out that natural death was moral. He discussed the process of natural death with Hegel's “Nature is the externality”.

Finally, Professor Wu Guosheng and some participants discussed on the “God will naturally perish” and “artificial nature”.