A Party Lecture was Given by Party Branch Secretary Xie Yu for 2015 Graduate Students
time: 2017-06-23

On June 20th, a party lecture was given by party branch secretary Xie Yu for 2015 graduate students, which topic was “Pioneer in Building Dreams”. Party branch secretary Xie Yu took “Commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the Publication of Capital” as the theme. All party members attended the party class.

In class, Xie Yu told the background and its modern value of Capital. He pointed out that Capital was a great work in the history of human thought, which had passed 150-year history, whose great ideas had been deeply affected development of human society as a whole. He also pointed out that Capital provided an important ideological basis for the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Capital revealed the secrecy and truth of bourgeoisie's exploitation to proletariat, and expounded the dialectical relationship between the production and the productive forces, which provided important enlightenment to liberate and develop the productive forces. Finally, Xie Yu hoped that all party members strengthened theoretical study, and carefully understood the classic works of Marxism.

Through the study, all the party members deepened the understanding of Capital and strengthened their beliefs to Marxist.