The Academic Forum of Reform and Opening up and Socialism with Chinese Characteristics was Successfully Held in SCUT
time: 2017-06-23

On May 27th, the academic forum of reform and opening up and socialism with Chinese characteristics was successfully held in Building 5, South China University of TechnologySCUT. Assistant Director of South China University of Technology Wu Yechun,  the chief of Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, Propaganda department theorical division Ding Jinqing, deputy director of the ideological and political office o the Guangdong Provincial Education Department Ni Xin, and the director of the Propaganda Department of  SCUT Wang Danping attended the opening ceremony and made a speech. The opening ceremony was presided over by Liu Shexin, dean of School of Marxist, SCUT.

Wu Yunchun first expressed his warm welcome to the delegates. He pointed out that as a national key university, which was located at the forefront of reform and opening up, South China University of Technology had attached great importance to the construction and development of Marxist theory with practical characteristics, regional characteristics and characteristics of the times. He hoped that the experts would actively promote the new ideas, new initiatives of Marxist theory.

The achievement of “Chinese Dream” must build more builders and successors, so that they could make much greater contributions to society. Ding Jinqing pointed out that Guangdong was the pioneer and the vanguard of reform and opening up, beared the mission of bright and glorious prospects of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Ni Xi believed that in order to handle more wisely with success or challenges of reform and opening up, the theoretical workers can not be ignored.

At the same time, she also hoped that as in-the-first-line teachers of ideological and political theory, their missions must be tightly remembered in heart.

Prof. Wang Yonggui from Nanjing Normal University, Professor Liu Tongfang from Zhejiang University, Prof. Chen Yuxiang from Hunan University, Prof. Wang Yi from Renmin University of China, Professor Xie Xiaojuan from Liaoning University, Prof. Guo Hongjun from Guizhou University, Prof. Sheng Guorong from Tianjin University of Technology and Wang Xiaoning, the Ministry of Education, Professor Zhang Jifa from Changan University, Professor Wu Guolin from South China University of Technology and some other experts and scholars, respectively made a report, named “Recall Process of Reform and Opening up and Enhance Cultural Self-confidence”, “Time Coordination and Historical Mission”, “Historical Resolution and Chinese Marxist Discourse Logic”, “Difficulties in Ideological and Theoretical Teaching Problems”, “Development of Socialist Democracy with Chinese Characteristics and Mission of Ideological and Political Education”, “Studies on a Series of Speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping on Democratic Centralism”, “Reform and Opening up and Ideological and Political Theory Course Construction”, “Cultural Self-confidence: a New Era of Topics”, “Three-dimensional Review of Cultural Self-confidence”, “Quantum Technology and its Significance to Ecological Civilization”.

The delegates conducted a group discussion on the theme related. Prof. Chen Jinlong from South China Normal University and Professor Mo Yueyun from South China University of Technology gave a speech at the conference entitled “Comments on Deng Xiaoping's Contributions in the New Period of Reform and Opening-up” and“Internal Logic of Reform”.Vice dean of School of Marxist, SCUT, Xie Lixia presided over the closing ceremony.