Lecture from Prof. Kurt H. Albertine
time: 2016-10-14

Title: Epigenetics as a Common Mechanism for Lung and Brain Injury in Chronically Ventilated Preterm Lambs
Speaker:Professor Kurt H. Albertine
Venue:Room 101,Building B2,University Town Campus


Kurt H. Albertine
       Academic Information
Departments: Internal Medicine - Adjunct Professor, Neurobiology and Anatomy - Adjunct Professor, Pediatrics - Professor
Divisions: Neonatology, Pulmonary
       Academic Bio
Dr. Albertine's research topic is acute and chronic lung disease, with emphasis on neonatal chronic lung disease. The focus of his studies is identification of molecular mechanisms that disrupt lung development in the preterm neonate who requires prolonged mechanical ventilation. Current studies are testing hypotheses about the effect of preterm birth and prolonged mechanical ventilation on retinoid signaling pathways, vascular growth factor signaling pathways, cell turnover signaling pathways, and surfactant apoprotein signaling pathways. While the primary focus is on the responses in the lung, concurrent studies are comparing the molecular effects in other organs, notably the brain, liver, and intestine. New studies are testing the hypothesis that preterm birth and prolonged mechanical ventilation change epigenetic determinants of regulation of gene expression. Dr. Albertine's research program has been NIH-funded since 1980.