A Success for the Second Summer Camp
time: 2016-09-26

From July 13th to July 15th, 2016, a three-day national elite college students summer camp was jointly hosted by the South China University of Technology (SCUT) and Guangdong General Hospital. A total of 23 college students participated in the summer camp from domestic colleges and universities such as Wuhan University, Sun Yat-sen University, Jilin University, Jinan University, and Southern Medical University. The three-day summer camp had a compact and rich schedule including lectures, fraternity, a visit to the Guangdong General Hospital, a comprehensive interview assessment and outward bounding activities.

The second session of summer camp successfully held

Visiting: An Early Experience of Postgraduate Life

On July 13th, a formal visit to the Guangdong General Hospital and the national research center for human tissue function reconstruction engineering technology was organized for the campers who major in clinical medicine, biomedical engineering and pharmacy to better understand the teaching and scientific research capacity of the School of medicine in South China University of Technology and the Guangdong General Hospital. Through this visit, participants had a better understanding of the principal investors and their scientific research projects in different departments and major fields, which would be of great help for choosing their mentors in the future.

Visiting the Guangdong General Hospital

Visiting the national research center for human tissue function reconstruction engineering technology

The Opening Ceremony: A Vivid Enrollment Speech

On the morning of July 14th, the opening ceremony of this year's summer camp was hosted by Prof. Liu Jia, the deputy director of the school of medicine, also attended by Ms. He Dongqing, the secretary of party general branch of the school of medicine, Mr. Jiang Kaiqiu, the full-time administrative deputy dean of the school of medicine and the office director, Prof. Zhang Xuchao, the executive vice director of the Lung Cancer Research Institute of Guangdong General Hospital, Ms. Xie zheng, the chief of the graduate students office of the science and education department. At the beginning of the ceremony, Ms He and Prof. Xie gave a the detailed introduction and explanation of the school of medicine in South China University of Technology, the information on its admission and training of the graduates and a overview of Guangdong General Hospital, this section conclude with a warm welcome for the campers to apply for the school of medicine in SCUT. Next, Prof. Dong hua, the deputy head of the department of Biomedical Engineering, Prof. Zhu ping, the chief physician of Guangdong Cardiovascular Disease Institute gave a detailed introduction of the admission policies of the medical college and patiently answered the related questions raised by the campers.

                The deputy director Liu presiding over the ceremony

                       The secretary He delivering the speech

Introducing the disciplines

The Lectures: a Discussion on being Forward-Looking While being Down-To-Earth
During the opening ceremony, Prof. Shen Hong of the medical school, and Prof. Li Yufen, the chief physician of the Pediatric cardiac department of the Cardiovascular Diseases Institute of Guangdong General Hospital, gave lectures themed as International Academic Conference of International Academic Exchanges and My Fifty-One-Year Life in Guangdong General Hospital, separately. Prof. Shen explained the organization structure, basic operational arrangement, general forms of the international academic conferences. Taking his own rich experience as examples, he emphasized the importance of attending the international academic conferences. Moreover, professor Shen encouraged campers to go out to attend international academic conferences so as to know more about the development trends and information of this field, and expand the academic influence of the college through representing your college at the same time, getting into touch with the academic masters of the field, make friends in academic circles and strengthen the voice. While the chief physician Li, with fifty-one-year experience as a doctor, said that medical students should become down-to-earth, strengthen their professional skills and give more consideration for the patients. With humorous and plain language, Prof. Li shared his own life experience as a doctor and enjoined theses campers to be a good doctor in the future to attach more attention to the demand of the patients rather than their own gain and loss. These two lectures gave a vivid lesson to the camper to develop their carrier: forward-looking to enhance their scope of vision while being down-to-earth to proceed every step steadfastly.

                                                     The chief physician Li giving the lecture

 Outward Bounding: Motivating Team Work and Individual Potential
On July 15th, in order to enhance the campers’ team consciousness and motivating individual function, the medical college held an outward bounding activity in the Guangzhou XiaoFanTian paradise. Mr. Cao Jiafu, the deputy secretary of party general branch of the medical college, and Ms. Xie zheng, the section chief of the graduate student branch of the science and education department, were hosting this activity. The deputy secretary Cao delivered a short speech to welcome the campers to participate in the outward bounding activity, encourage them to keep the all-round development and at the end wished a success of this activity. In the morning, the campers formed two teams named “HuaYi team” and “small train”, and under the lead of instructors, the training activities such as climbing wall, walking single-plank bridge and time-limiting clearance and so on in valley recreation areas. The hot weather never stopped the campers to pass the training activities and they all steam ahead for the team honor. In afternoon, the two teams conducted the training activity such as Parallel walking bridge, standing the pedals in the water, island survival and so on in the water park. Although many campers fell into the protective pool during the training activity, the “water” of the team friendship fell into the heart of every camper, making them the most tacit teammates even they knew each other 3 days ago.

 Outward Bounding Training—setting up teams 

 Outward Bounding Training—island survival

The summer camp of the school of medicine has been successfully closed. The three-day summer camp activity connected these 23 elite students coming from different cities of China with great friendship, And they all expressed their wishes to gather in the SCUT again and to apply themselves in the endeavor of a bright future.