Materials Students Take Actions to Achieve Dual Carbon Goals
date:2021-11-23 pageviews:26

On November 20, the Youth League Committee of School of Materials Science and Engineering(SMSE) organized a materials science popularization activity in front of the central canteen of Wushan campus, with the theme of “Materials Students Take Actions to Achieve Dual Carbon Goals”


Dual Carbon Goals is the commitment by China to peak carbon dioxide emissions before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality before 2060. As the foundation of advanced science and technology, materials science plays an important role in achieving the Dual Carbon Goals. The purpose of this activity is to popularize knowledge in materials science, and deepen people's understanding of the close connection between materials and social development, and of the environmental protection materials.

Members from the Practice Department of the SMSE Youth League Committee prepared three games that are related to environmental protection materials: quizzes on materials science, classification of materials, and drawing and guessing. Participants are awarded with small exquisite gifts. At 11 a.m., people started to gather around and play in the games. At noon time, more and more people participated in the activity, including junior and senior high school students and little kids. Members of the Practice Department patiently introduced the rules of the games, and explained the scientific knowledge in materials science in simple language, hoping to stimulate their interest in environmental protection materials.

The materials science popularization activity ended successfully at 3 p.m. Through this activity, the Practice Department of SMSE Youth League Committee has helped people better understand the scientific knowledge in materials science, and its relationship with environmental protection and carbon reduction. With the form of simple and interesting games, people got to know how the advanced materials contribute to the realization of the dual carbon goals, and how to achieve the goals as an individual.