2021 SMSE-CSOT Collaborative Innovation Day
date:2021-11-25 pageviews:26

On 11 November, 2021, the School of Materials Science and Engineering (SMSE) successfully held the event of SMSE-CSOT Collaborative Innovation Day, with aims of strengthening cooperation and exchange of both sides, cultivating students' innovative thinking, and exploring new talent training modes. Professor Junbiao Peng, Dean of SMSE, Miaoxian Wu, Standing Deputy Secretary of CPC SCUT SMSE Committee, Lan Wu, Senior Vice President of China Star Optoelectronics Technology(CSOT), TCL, Xin Zhang, Vice President of CSOT, alumni representatives from CSOT and students of SMSE attended the opening ceremony. 

Professor Junbiao Peng, Dean of SMSE, delivered a welcome speech at the beginning of the ceremony. He mentioned that, SMSE has excellent and qualified teaching faculties, and is equipped with advanced experiment platforms. Students should seize the opportunity to work hard, and strive to make contributions to the enterprise and society. Ms. Lan Wu, Senior Vice President of CSOT said that SMSE and CSOT should continue to work together on scientific research, talent cultivation, technical problem tackling, and transformation of sci-tech achievements.

On the same day, an academic exhibition was held in the meantime, which attracted more than 100 students to participate in. A total of 38 individual and team posters and demonstration projects were displayed in the exhibition, of which 31 are works of master and doctoral students and 7 are of undergraduate students from International School of Advanced Materials, SMSE. 

The posters involved cutting-edge achievements in photoelectric materials, optical transmission materials and luminescent materials. The creative demonstration projects covered vacuum cleaners, semiconductor refrigerator and some other teaching demo kits, drawing attentions of alumni, teachers and students. 

Since 2018, SMSE has held special innovation days for students every year, providing them with opportunities to broaden their vision, present themselves among the public, and communicate with each other, in order to capitalize their innovative potentials and explore new modes of collaborative education.