Prof. Gao Yan
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Name: Gao Yan

Research directions:

1. Corrosion resistance of metallic materials, especially nanocrystalline materials.

2. Porous Ni-Ti and Ti-based Shape Memory Alloy, synthesis and biomedical application.

3. Surface modification

4. Failure analysis of industrial equipment in fossil fuel power plant.

Contact phone: 020-87114219



1981.9-1987.12,B.S and M.S in Metallic Materials, Dalian University of Science and Technology (DUT), China

2002.09~2005.06,Ph.D in Materials Processing Engineering, South China University of Technology (SCUT)

1987.12-1992.12, Assistant and Lecturer at School of Chemical Engineering, DUT

1993.01-1994.01, Lecturer at Department of Materials Engineering, DUT

1994.01-1995.04, Family together at Berlin, Germany

1995.06-1998.09, Lecturer at School of Mechanical Engineering, SCUT

1997.05-1997.08, Visiting Scholar at Institute of Welding Quality(ISQ), Portugal

1998.10-2005.11, Associate professor at School of Mechanical Engineering, SCUT

2005.12-2008.02, Professor at School of Mechanical Engineering, SCUT

2008.03-present, Professor at School of Materials Science and Engineering, SCUT