Prof. Zhao Jianqing
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Name: Zhao Jianqing

Research direction: Synthesis and Application of Polymers and Processing Additives

Contact number: 020-87113576




Bachelor degree, Chemical Engineering, Zhejiang University, July, 1984

Doctor degree, Polymerization Engineering, Zhejiang University, June,1989

Working experiences

(from 1989 to the present, in South China University of  Technology)

1.      Lectures

Principles of Polymerization, Process and Equipment of Polymerization, Designation and Synthesis of Macromolecule

2.      Research Interests

High performance polymers from ordinary polymers by reactive extrusion, Low-cost and easy production of high performance polymers, Synthesis of polyimide and epoxy resin with low dielectric constant and loss, Designation and synthesis of recyclable or degradable thermosets. Synthesis of processing additives, including macromolecular lubricants, chain extenders, halogen-free flame retardants, macromolecular toughener.



1.      14 postdoctors, 27 students for doctor degree and 64 students for master degree have been graduated.

2.      More than 300 papers have been published.

3.      More than 70 patents of invention have been obtained.

4.      Dozens of research findings have been industrialized.