Prof. Yu Qijun
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Name: Yu Qijun

Research directions:

1. Green high performance building materials

2. Environmental impact and assessment of building materials

3. Utilization of industrial by-products (supplementary cementitious materials, SCM) in cement-based materials.

4. Durability of cement-based materials

Contact phone: 020-87114233



Ing.    1978.09-1983.06, Jinan University, Materials Science and Technology

M.Sc.   1983.09-1986.06,   Wuhan University of Technology, Materials Science and Technology

PhD.    1988.09-1993.12,   Wuhan University of Technology, Materials Science and Technology


Work Experience

1986.09-1988.08   Assistant Professor, Wuhan University of Technology

1988.09-1993.11   Lecturer, Wuhan University of Technology

1993.12-1995.04   Associate Professor, Wuhan University of Technology

1995.05-2001.08   Guest Researcher, Hachinohe Institute of Technology and Niigata University

                 Postdoc Researcher and Research Associate, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

2001.11-2002.03   Guest Professor, Niigata University

2002.4-Present     Professor, South China University of Technology


1. Zhujiang Scholar Professor, Guangdong Province

2. Second Prize of Scientific and Technological Progress Award in Guangdong Province in 2011 and 2013

3. Guangdong Outstanding Teacher in 2010

4. Author/co-author of more than 200 journal and conference papers and 30 patents.