SCUT and Materials Science and Engineering selected in China’s Double World Class project
time: 2017-09-22

On September 21st, the list of Double World Class project was issued by the ministries of education and finance, as well as the National Development and Reform Commission. South China University of Technology and Materials Science and Engineering were selected inthe Double World Class project.

According to Xinhua News, the Double World Class project aims to elevate 42 of the country's higher education institutions to a world-class level, while another 95 institutions have been designated to develop world-class academic fields.

Guangdong Province has 5 universities and 18 subjects entering the Double World Class project, including Sun Yet-sen University, South China Normal University, Jinan University and Traditional Chinese Medicine University of Guangzhou.

Except Materials Science and Engineering, SCUT also has other 3 subjects entering the world-class academic fields, which are Chemistry, Light Industry Technology and Engineering, and Agricultural Science.