Leading scientists gather to develop insights into materials genomics
time: 2017-11-29


The 1st Forum of Materials Genome Engineering was held last week, when over 500 top minds of materials science assembled in Guangzhou to explore the future of new materials industries in terms of industry-university-research collaboration.
The opening ceremony of the forum was held on November 22. Among attendees were some of the area’s leading scientists including 31 members of different academies, as well as scholars, specialists, and representatives from enterprises.
The forum was co-chaired by Wang Yingjun, SCUT’s President and Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Xie Jianxin, Professor of the University of Science and Technology Beijing and Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Zhang Tongyi, Professor of Shanghai University and Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Wang Wei, Director of the Industry Development and Promotion Center at the state’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.
Wang Yingjun, in her opening remarks, pointed out that new materials are the pilot and foundation for the growth of high-technology industries, while materials genome engineering, since its principle and methodology have surpassed the pattern of scientific research in traditional materials, is considered as an accelerator for developing new materials.
She believed that the forum would play a vital role in promoting development of materials genome engineering in China and around the world, as well as advancing materials science in SCUT and boosting new materials industries in Guangdong province and Guangzhou.
Materials genome engineering, by borrowing the research principle and methodology from the Human Genome Project (HGP), creates an innovative pattern of research that aims to reduce the development cycle time and costs of new materials by half. It is a disruptive frontier technology and a key of securing a leading position in the competition brought by the next round of reform in manufacturing industry.
The forum lasted two days filled with 97 academic reports. It was divided into four sub-panels covering topics on high-throughput calculation and design of materials, high-throughput preparation and characterization of materials, materials service and failure, and materials information technology.
An opening ceremony for the Guangzhou Development Association of New Materials Industry (GDANMI) was also held on the forum.
The Forum of Materials Genome Engineering was jointly organized by the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the state’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the Chinese Materials Research Society, and was this year hosted by SCUT and GDANMI.
Subsequent sessions of the forum will be held annually to provide a channel of communication and thus to promote scientific research and industrial innovation in the field of new materials, in particular concerning building a platform of materials genome engineering that is based upon simulation of high-throughput calculation, high-throughput experiments of composite materials, and shared databases.


Source from the International Office
Translated and edited by Xu Peimu
From the SCUT News Network