SCUT to strengthen ties with Linköping University in Sweden
time: 2017-06-30

SCUT will forge tighter academic links with Linköping University (LiU), a major educational institution in Sweden, in particular regarding collaboration in materials science and medical science.
A delegation led by Professor Folke Sjöberg, LiU’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor, visited the SCUT campus on June 26, when the delegation was received by Professor Zhu Min, SCUT’s Vice President, at the Li Wu Building of Science and Technology.
After highly praising the previous cooperation established by SCUT and LiU, Professor Zhu Min gave his expectation that the two universities will fully leverage the opportunities created by the sister-city relations between Guangzhou and the city of Linköping, and SCUT’s Guangzhou International Campus, and thus to expand cooperation in student exchange programs and building scientific research platforms.
Professor Folke Sjöberg, after learning about details of the Guangzhou International Campus, expressed that SCUT is one of LiU’s most valued partners, and LiU will be soon working with SCUT’s School of Materials Science and Engineering on signing an agreement of carrying out joint student training programs, as well as setting up a channel for faculty visiting with SCUT’s School of Medicine.
Heads of SCUT’s International Office, the School of Materials Science and Engineering and the School of Medicine were also present on the meeting.

Reproduced From the SCUT News Network
Source from the International Office
Translated and edited by Xu Peimu