Lectures by Prof. Yimin Xiao of Michigan State University
time: 2022-01-03

TitleIntermetiate Dimensions and Random Fractals

SpeakerProf. Yimin Xiao(Michigan State University)

Time: January,6-8,2022AM900--11:00

Tengxun Meeting351-3390-1790, PD:2022

InviterAssociate Prof. Rui Kuang



    The notion of intermediate dimensions was introduced recently by Falconer, Fraser and Kempton [5] in 2019 to provide a continuum of dimensions between Hausdorff and box-counting. Several authors have applied intermediate dimensions to study deterministic and random fractals (cf. [1] [2] [3]). We refer to [4] for a survey.

In our lectures, we plan to cover the following topics:

(i) Definition and basic properties of intermediate dimensions;

(ii) Mathematical tools for computing intermediate dimensions;

(iii) Examples of self-similar or self-affine fractals;

(iv) Apply intermediate dimensions to study random fractals determined by the sample functions of Markov processes such as stable Levy processes (cf. [7]) or Gaussian random fields such as fractional Brownian motion ([1] [6] [8]).



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