Lecture By Prof. Ming Mei of Champlain College and McGill University
time: 2021-05-11

Title: Subsonic / supersonic / transonic steady-states of Euler-Poisson equations for semiconductors with sonic boundary

Speaker:   Prof. Ming Mei ( Champlain College and McGill University  )

Time: Wed, May.12 2021, AM: 9:00-10:00

Location: Tencent Conference

Meeting  Number: 746 462 813

Inviter: Prof. Haiyang Jin


       In this talk, I will present a series of studies on the structure of steady-states to Euler-Poisson equations for semiconductors subjected to the sonic boundary, a critical case of boundary setting. Based on the subsonic/supersonic/transonic properties of the doping profile, we give the criteria on the structure of steady-states: in which cases there exist subsonic solutions, supersonic solutions, shock transonic solutions, smooth transonic solutions, and the number of these solutions, and in which cases there are no physical solutions.