Chen huanjie
time: 2015-07-02

Find out what person you want to be, Bepreserved, and years later you will be the one.

                                  -----postgraduateof Grade 2006, Chen huanjie

As a 2006 optic master of our school, ChenHuanjie obtained General Scholarship for Postgraduate twice, got ExcellentScholarship for Postgraduate in 2007 and was awarded the title of"Excellent Postgraduate of SCUT" in 2008. Coorperating with anenterprise, in the name of inventer, he successfully applied for the nationalutility model patent with his graduation Design in Undergraduate - "thedesign of energy-saving LED street lighting system".

About major

He thinks it is normal that some studentsare not particularly fond of their major. He advises: if you don't like yourmajor, you should be familar with it at least.You can spend some more time onthe direction you really like. There are many ways in SCUT that allow you toattend the lessons you like and acquire the knowledge you want. So just bepro-active and pragmatic, communicate with your tutor regularly, you will findthe ways to resolve any difficulties you meet, and your dreams will come true.

About goal

Years ago, he set the goal that he willtake work on optic. he stuck to it, and nerve gave up. Occasionally he wasdisturbed by something and left the direction, but after finishing it, he wouldgo back to the right way. Because of his persistence, he was successfullyemployed by Haiyangwang, a company in ShengZhen. He said he believes that ifyou set the goal for yourself and then persist on it, finding a job will be aneasy thing.

About character

"Character can't be trained in a shorttime, and you must foster it in a long time", Chen said, the HR incompanies are so sharp-sighted that they know everything about you when youtalk. Many honours in your resume can't stand for the real situation. what thecompany values most is your character, for working ability and technique can betrained in a company, but character can only be fostered in a long time.

The advices

He recommends a book-"The Seven Habitsof Highly Effective People". It will be helpful on arranging time. Hesuggests: as there is such a good library in SCUT, we should make good use ofit. Read more books, on your major or not, but don't just lend many books whenyou go to library and some days later return them back with money to pay thefine.

Chen said: "If I were given anotherchance, I would still spend the post-graduate time like what I have did. Somepeople regret about their post-graduate life, and they always says what theywould do if time gone back to their post-graduate time". "We shouldbe faithful to ourself, so go to do it if you have an idea, do what you reallylike, and don't just follow the path of others. Be concentrated, enrich yourlife, and spend the postgraduate life without regret.