Zhong Xuexiu
time: 2015-07-02

"You have to know that the collegetime is not used to laze away. You'd make a definite goal, then always keepyour eyes on the direction that you have chosen."

                                 ——undergraduate of Grade 2005, Zhong Xuexiu

Zhong Xuexiu is an undergraduate of Grade2005 in our school, majoring in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics. With theexcellent grade that ranking first for three years, he was recommanded foradmission to Tsinghua University to proceed to a master's degree in MathematicsScience. He won the title of "three goods" student of SCUT in threeconsecutive years. Besides, he won the provincial first prize and nationalfirst prize in Contest of Maths Models in 2007, and won the American firstprize in Contest Of Maths Models in 2008.

Freshman class is a watershed, you'dguarantee your own subject achievement.

In study, Zhong Xuexiu always emphasizesthat the subject achievement of freshman class has to be guaranteed. He said:"It works not only in SCUT, but also in Tsinghua University and BeijingUniversity. Actually, everyone are at similar levels when they just becomefreshman, however, someone gets more and more excellent in the end, whilesomeone becomes more and more ordinary. Freshman class is a watershed whensomeone's excellence begins, while someone turns ordinary. So, the subjectachievement of freshman class has to be done well. If you want to learn betterin further days, you have to lay a good foundation." When asked about thelearning method, Zhong Xuexiu said that a feature on his study was that henever forced himself to study neither in which time nor how long. He said:"Once the rules maked, I can not do anything.Study efficiency depends onthe state of mind, I would spend more time to study when I am in fine fettle.While I would choose to play sports when I am not in the position."

Laughed over the Maths Models, Zhong Xuexiusaid that it could not be importuned.

If we talk about Zhong Xuexiu, we have totalk about the Maths Models, the grade of three first prize could be on a parwith a grand slam in ping-pong world. Last year, the School of Science held acommunication meeting about the Maths Models. In the meeting, Zhong Xuexiu hadsaid such a word: "It is known to all that I and Dede(his partner of theMaths Models team)speak the loudest, we discuss the questions keenly, even likea quarrel. But we often have some collision of mind spark through the quarrels."

Mentioning the grade of the Maths Models,Zhong Xuexiu gave us his candid opinion: "Things like the Maths Modelsrequire some opportunities in some ways. Maybe it just so happens that you havegot a good algorithm, then you got a fine grade of the Maths Models. However,it could not be importuned, so never make yourself get into the fettle of havinga established achievement."

Have a definite goal, then use it as aguidance for your action.        

To make a summary, when you are in college,you have to make a definite goal, and use the aim to direct the action. Someonewho intends to work after graduation should have to do more affairs ofstudents' work. Someone who intends to get a further education for a master'sdegree should have to make every effort to study well.Since Zhong Xuexiu wasvery young, he has been having a wish: to be an Mathematician in the future. Itis the goal that makes him dare not slight his study on the maths. Of coursehis Mathematical attainments are also recognized as outstanding.    

Having a definite goal, forging ahead withdetermination, confirming your belief, keeping your confidence, all theseelements have made Zhong Xuexiu what he is today. It also enlightens us in someways.