Remarkable achievements in actively researching internationalization of personnel training way
time: 2012-05-08


In recent years, on the back of the university's aggressive accelerate the international level of personal training stimulus policy, with the strong support and cooperation from Office of International Exchange and Cooperation and Office of Academic Affairs,department of mathematics, College of Science expand great effort in actively researching internationalization of personnel training way, promoting the international level of personnel training. Department of mathematics signed agreements of joint training of the students with North Carola State University, USA and University of Western Ontario, Canada one after another,and sent in total 145 joint training students (international students andexchange students) to departments of mathematics of well-known universities in America, Canada, France and regions such as Hong Kong and Taiwan, 104 of whomwere undergraduate and 41 of whom were postgraduate. The international level of personnel training in department of mathematics has been significantly improved.

The international union of training mode is met with general acceptance and is generally welcomed, so that achieved goodresults, especially the 3+1+1 Straight Entrance the Undergraduate-graduate Student program with University of Western Ontario, Canada(be thereafter referred to as UWO). Since 2009, department of mathematics has been consulting with UWO on international union of training mode such as the 3+1+1 Straight Entrance the Undergraduate-graduate Student program in majors such as Statistics, Actuarial Science and Financial Mathematics, and signed cooperation agreement after discussing in depth about relevant issues such as training objectives, teaching programs, curriculum consistency, mutual recognition of credits, selection criteria and procedures and so forth. In order to provide with students a better understanding of UWO and international union of training mode, department of mathematics invites Professor W. John Braun to give lectures of two courses, Introduction to Statistical Programming with R and Applied Linear Algebra for undergraduates and postgraduates, so that students can experience teaching in English Mode and widen their horizons. Up to now,department of mathematics has sent 2007 and 2008 sessions of undergraduates intotal 19 students to UWO. This year, with the scale further expanded, 16students have been selected to go to UWO this summer for a two-year study fortheir bachelor’s degree and master’s degree.

According to the feedback from UWO, the former international students sent by our department had solid professional foundation and were hard-working and diligent. Professors of UWO think highly of them because of their outstanding academic performance and excellent over all performance. This year, a group of professors of UWO arrived at a common conclusion that a test paper should be scored prior to full mark, 101, and collected as a template. This super test paper turned out be handed in by a 07 session of postgraduate international student of department of mathematics,SCUT, who is in the international union of training program. 12 students of 2007 session will soon graduate as master with excellent academic performance,and 6 students of 2008 session have successfully been admitted to graduateschool of UWO.(picture and text all by correspondent Miss. Zhanlin Yao)