Professor Anthony Carty Was Invited To Lecture At Our School
time: 2018-01-09

On December 21, 2017, 19:00, the law school of Beijing institute of technology professor Anthony ˙ Carty he was invited to the hospital to give lectures. Professor Hu henan of our hospital presided over the lecture. Professor Chen hongyan, associate professor Shen weiwei, professor Xu shu and dozens of undergraduate and graduate students attended the lecture.

Professor Carty, based on The International Lawyer as an Intellectual -- The Role of Critical Legal Studies, expounds The importance of Critical thinking to scholars of International law. In question and answer session, teachers and students respectively on Kant's thought and liberalism, consular jurisdiction and the 19th report, global issues such as legal system of human destiny community put questions to professor Katie, Katie professor made a detailed answer and respond to one by one. The lecture lasted for more than two hours, and professor kati's teaching was very simple and enlightening. The lively atmosphere of the discussion was very lively, and the teachers and students benefited a lot. The lecture was a complete success.