South China University of Technology Law Master's Degree Has Passed Self-assessment Expert Panel
time: 2018-01-05


On December 28, 2017, 15:00 p.m.,South China University of technology, law school, master's degree, self-assessment expert evaluation has been held in conference room 403, B9, north of our school of law. The members of the law school party, the heads of various disciplines and the student representatives participated in the review meeting. The experts listened to the report on the construction of legal master professional enrollments, consult the relevant information, enrollments in construction, personnel training, practice teaching, etc, and has carried on the exchange participants, and had an informal discussion with teachers' representative, student representatives.

Since the implementation of the evaluation, the center has organized relevant personnel to prepare summary reports and supporting materials, providing detailed data for this assessment. The evaluation expert group fully affirmed the construction situation of the master of law of South China University of Technology, and gave a high evaluation, and unanimously agreed that the evaluation level should be rated as excellent. The expert group also put forward Suggestions on optimizing course system and increasing investment in the master of law of south China university of technology.