Transportation Major Undergoes on-site Inspection for Engineering Education Professional Accreditation
time: 2021-10-25

A four-member delegation of the Ministry of Education National Engineering Education Professional Accreditation Expert Group, entrusted by the Higher Education Teaching and Evaluation Center of the Ministry of Education, was stationed at our university to conduct a three-day (from October 17th to 20th, 2021) on-site inspection of our transportation majors for accreditation. Professor Zhang Xingchen, Director of the Steering Committee for Teaching and Learning of Transportation Majors of the Ministry of Education and former Vice President of Beijing Jiaotong University, was the head of the expert group. Professor Zhang Xianmin of Civil Aviation University of China, and Professor Yu Xing, Deputy Chief Engineer of China Railway Siyuan Survey and Design Group Co., were members of the expert group. Mr. Chen Xing of Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications was the secretary of the expert group. Li Zheng, Vice President of South China University of Technology, attended the relevant activities.

Engineering Education Professional Accreditation Meetup

On the morning of October 18th, a meeting with experts on transportation professional accreditation was held in the central conference room on the 11th floor of Liwu Building. This meeting was hosted by President Wu Bo of School of Civil Engineering and Transportation. Vice President Li Zheng delivered a welcome speech on behalf of our university. He indicated that the implementation of engineering education professional accreditation is of great significance to promote the cultivation of high-quality engineering and technical talents in our university, and accepting professional accreditation is a real test of the cultivation level of undergraduate engineering talents for colleges and universities, as well as an important opportunity to promote the connotation development of education and teaching work. The university will make efforts to promote the improvement and enhancement of professional talents cultivation by utilizing the professional certification of engineering education. Professor Zhang Xingchen, head of the expert team, introduced the purpose of this inspection and explained its key contents, procedures, and forms in the meeting. Vice President Wen Huiying, who is in charge of the transportation major, made a report on the major construction, highlighting the training characteristics and continuous improvement of the major. After this report, the experts communicated with the main persons in charge of various functional departments and divisions of the university, the main persons in charge of School of Civil Engineering and Transportation, and the persons in charge of the transportation major by means of questions.

Laboratory visits and talks

After the meeting, the experts visited a number of experimental centers and practice sites that support the training of the transportation major, including the Mechanics Experimental Centre, the Automotive Experimental Teaching Centre and the Transportation Laboratory. The experts reviewed the teaching materials related to the transportation major, held seminars for teachers and managers of the major, and interviewed with students, alumni, and employers, and conducted a comprehensive inspection of the education and teaching of the transportation major.

Engineering Education Professional Accreditation Feedback session

On the morning of October 20th, the expert group gave feedback on full on-site inspection based on the standards of engineering education professional certification. The experts fully approved the cultivation objectives, graduation requirements, curriculum system, faculty team, support conditions, and various mechanisms of the transportation major, and proposed pertinent opinions and suggestions.On behalf of the university, Vice President Li Zheng expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the experts for their hard work, pointing out that the university would carefully analyze and understand the experts’ comments under the policy of evaluation for construction, evaluation for improvement, and evaluation for management, expecting the university to formulate practical corrective measures at three levels (functional departments, the college, and the major) and continuously improve the level of talent training of the transportation major, driving the construction of undergraduate majors and the overall teaching level of the university to a new level.

The General Committee Office (General Administration Office), the Propaganda Department, the Student Affairs Department, the Youth League Committee, the Teaching Affairs Department, the Personnel Department, the International Affairs Department, the Finance Department, the Laboratory and Equipment Management Department, the Asset Management Department, the Library and the Archives and other relevant units of South China University of Technology, the head of the School of Civil Engineering and Transportation and all teachers of transportation attended the meeting and feedback session.