Inauguration Ceremony of Research Cooperation between School of Civil Engineering and Transportation of South China University of Technology and Guangzhou Transportation Project Management Centre
time: 2021-11-02

In order to improve the scientific research level of Guangzhou municipal transportation projects and to promote the further transformation of scientific research results and the quality of project construction, the School of Civil Engineering and Transportation of South China University of Technology and the Guangzhou Transportation Project Management Centre (hereinafter referred to as the Project Management Centre) held an inauguration ceremony for scientific research cooperation in the morning of  October 21, 2021. Zheng Cunhui (Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Civil Engineering and Transportation), Chen Jun (Vice President of the School), and Wen Huiying (Vice President of the School), Zu Guanzhou (Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Guangzhou Transportation Project Management Centre), Tan Yuande (Deputy Director of the Centre), and Zhu Qiang (Deputy Director of the Centre), attended the inauguration ceremony together.

At the meeting, Zu Guanzhou introduced in detail the main functions and development of the Centre, and the current project construction process pertaining to noise reduction technology, bridge disease detection, environmental assessment, neighbour avoidance issues and other issues. He hoped that in the future the two sides can view the Project Management Centre projects as a core to identify research topics in a targeted manner, to accelerate the transformation of scientific research results, to form high-quality scientific research results, and to inject innovative vitality into the high-quality development of municipal transportation construction. At the same time, it is hoped that raising the level of talent cooperation, expanding the scope of cooperation and tapping the potential of cooperation. Thus, more young and excellent talents can be absorbed and high-quality, high-skilled professional talents can be cultivated together.

Zheng Cunhui, made a presentation on the discipline construction, industry-university-research cooperation of the School. Professor Yu Jiangmiao, Associate Professor Yu Xiaolin, Professor Lu Kai and Associate Professor Qi Weiwei introduced the research achievements and transformation of the School from the professional direction of roads, bridges and transportation respectively. They hoped that through strengthening cooperation and exchange, the teaching and research works can be carried out better, so that the research outcomes can be more industrialized perspective, more suitable for industry needs and more competitive.