School of Civil Engineering and Transportation Signed the Cooperative Development Agreement with Guangzhou Pearl-river Foreign-funded Architectural Design Institute Co., Ltd.
time: 2021-11-25

In the afternoon of November 17th, 2021, the signing ceremony was held at Guangzhou, featuring the cooperative development agreement between the School of Civil Engineering and Transportation (SCET) of South China University of Technology (SCUT) and Guangzhou Pearl-river Foreign-funded Architectural Design Institute Co., Ltd. (shorted for Pearl-river). Guests attending the ceremony are the SCET’s secretary, Zheng Cunhui, associate deans Ji Jing, Chen Jun, and Professor Pan Jianrong, and Dr. Deng Yichuan; Mr. Yang Jian, Chairman of Guangzhou Zhujiang Foreign-funded Architectural Design Institute Co., Ltd., Mr. Huang Qinghui, General Manager, Mr. Lin Peng, Deputy General Manager, Mr. Lin Aijia, Director of BIM Center, and Mr. Zhang Jin, Director of R&D Center.

At the beginning of the meeting, the school’s leaders and faculty representatives watched the company’s promotional video, featuring the history, the development aims, project plans, and various projects undertaken by the company, along with the company’s operation, corporate culture, and the development direction.

Chairman Yang warmly welcomed the school’s leaders and faculty representatives and comprehensively introduced Pearl-river’s development history, qualification, recent fulfillment, and future development direction, also manifested the company’s huge demands on talented college graduates. He emphasized that the company hoped to reach full collaboration with SCET, complementing expertise, sharing resources, expecting to realize the transformation and upgrading of architectural design together.

Next, Secretary Zheng introduced the school and delivered sincere expectations to build the school-enterprise cooperation relationship with Pearl-river. He pointed out that with irreplaceable advantages, structural design is the significant developing field of the civil engineering industry in the future, and the basis to achieve fast development of architectural design is to strengthen school-enterprise cooperation and promote win-win mode.It is also hoped that in the future, the two parties can cooperate deeply in various aspects such as practice bases, technology transfer, technical research, continuing education, off-campus supervisor and party building, etc., to promote the common development of both.

Thereafter, the two sides signed the college-enterprise cooperative development agreement. Subsequently, Ji Jing, the associate dean of the school shared commons on teaching, talent training, internship practice, graduate employment, and so on. Professor Pan Jianrong and Dr. Deng Yichuan also express their opinions associated with undergraduate teaching, scientific research, students’ internship practice, etc.

Through this meeting, the two parties all agreed that the goal of signing the cooperation agreement is to solidify school-enterprise cooperation and to complement advantages for both. Under this collaboration, SCET can make better use of its scientific research and talent strength, while enterprise can better utilize its resource and practical advantages to share resources and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.