Ship and Ocean Engineering Laboratory
time: 2022-01-01

The ship and marine engineering laboratory is well equipped with a variety of experimental facilities which allows the investigation of the hydrodynamic and structural behavior of ships and marine structures in normal and extreme environments. The experimental facilities mainly include:

(1) Ship model towing tank

The ship model towing tank of SCUT is the largest one in the South China area. The tank has a dimension of 120 m long by 8 m wide by 4 m deep. It is well equipped with all the facilities allowing for the conduct of ship hydrodynamic tests such as ship resistance, propulsion and seakeeping. The carriage has a maximum speed capacity of 5 m/s with an accuracy of 0.001 m/s. The flap type wave maker can generate both regular and irregular waves. The largest wave height capacity for regular waves is 0.4 m and the largest significant wave height for irregular waves is 0.32 m.

(2) Offshore engineering basin

The offshore engineering basin has a dimension of 30 m long by 18 m wide by 0.8 m deep. It is mainly used for tests of offshore engineering, civil and hydraulic engineering, port and waterway engineering. The wave maker can generate both regular and irregular waves.

(3) Wave flume

The wave tank has a dimension of 35 m long by 1 m wide by 1.5 m deep and the maximum working depth is 1.2m. A single-board push-pull wave maker is installed at one end of the wave flume to generate waves. The wave-making system can generate both regular and irregular waves. For the regular waves, the largest wave height capacity and the wave period region are 0.4 m and 0.5~5.0 s respectively. A wave-absorbing ramp is placed at the other end of the wave flume to absorb waves with the maximum absorption efficiency over 98%.

(4) Ship material and structure testing center

The ship material and structure experimental center is mainly responsible for the testing of marine materials and structural properties. It has the testing certification qualification issued by China Classification Society (CCS). In the laboratory there are various equipment including load actuator, material mechanical property analyzer, fatigue testing machine.

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