Prof. Xiaoning Zhang Received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Transportation Research Congress (TRC)
time: 2021-11-08

Recently, the organizing committee of the International Symposium on Transportation Innovation Research officially announced the Lifetime Achievement Award during the Annual Conference of TRC2021. Prof. Xiaoning Zhang from the School of Civil Engineering and Transportation of the South China University of Technology was honored the TRC2021 Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions in the research field of viscoelastic mechanics of asphalt binder and mixture. Prof. Zhang has performed long-term research on pavement engineering and he has several innovative achievements in research areas of the theory and method of asphalt mixture design, asphalt pavement design, construction quality management and assurance of asphalt pavements, preventive maintenance technologies for asphalt pavements, bridge pavement for steel deck bridge, recycling of road construction materials, innovation of road materials, and road landscape design. 

Lifetime Achievement Award at The TRC2021

The Transportation Research Congress (TRC) was initiated in 2016 by national and international experts and scholars from the transportation industry. It is jointly organized by the universities, research institutions, and companies which have remarkable impacts in transportation industry. TRC is one of the largest international conference for academic communication in the transportation industry, which covers the widest range of disciplines and has the largest number of participants. Since 2017, TRC has awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award to three outstanding professors, including Prof. Binggang Wang from Chang’an University, Prof. Xuejun Deng from Southeast University, and Prof. Robert Lytton from Texas A&M University. This is the second time that TRC announced the Lifetime Achievement Award. Another recipient, Prof. James Lai from the Georgia Institute of Technology (USA), also received this award at the TRC2021.

Attachment: A Biography of Prof. Xiaoning Zhang

Prof. Xiaoning Zhang received his Master of Engineering degree from the Harbin Institute of Construction Engineering in 1982 and his Ph.D. degree from the Nagagon University of Technology (Japan) in 1998. He was appointed as the vice president of Harbin Construction University and the director of the Road Engineering Research Institute of the South China University of Technology. He is currently the vice president of the Road Engineering Branch of the China Highway and Transportation Society. He has led more than ten key research projects funded by the government, such as the National Key Science and Technology Projects, the Development Support Projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Key Projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. He has been awarded the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award for three times.