(Lecture, Oct 16)Dynamic behaviors of materials (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
time: 2018-10-14

Title: Dynamic behaviors of materials


Oct 16, 9:00 –11:00

Lecture 1 A general introduction to molecular dynamics simulations

Oct 16, 14:30 – 16:30

Lecture 2 General introduction to dynamic shock behavior and the response of materials to high pressure conditions.

Oct 17, 9:00 –11:00

Lecture 3 Synergies between shock experiments and molecular dynamics simulations

Oct 17, 14:30 – 16:30

Lecture 4 Frontiers in Shock Experiments

Oct 18, 9:00 –11:00

Lecture 5 Frontiers in Molecular Dynamics Simulations and Analysis


Venue: Conference Room 604, Building of Transportation, Wushan Campus

Speaker: Dr. Tim Germann, Dr. Eric Hahn

Welcome all the teachers and students to attend this lecture!


Speaker Introduction:

Tim Germann received a Ph.D. in Chemical Physics from Harvard University in 1995, where he was a DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellow. Now Tim is a top scientist in Los Alamos National laboratory (LANL) in USA. At LANL, Tim has used large-scale classical MD simulations to investigate shock, friction, detonation, and other materials dynamics issues using leadership-class supercomputers. He led the LDRD-DR “Spatio-temporal frontiers of atomistic simulation in the petaflop computational world” followed by the $21M ASCR Exascale Co-Design Center for Materials in Extreme Environments (ExMatEx), which he directed from 2010-6. Tim currently directs the Co-design center for Particle Applications (CoPA), as part of the Exascale Computing Project (ECP). He is a Fellow of the American Physical Society (APS), past chair of the APS Division of Computational Physics, and is currently chair-elect of the APS Topical Group on Shock Compression of Condensed Matter. He has received an IEEE Gordon Bell Prize, the LANL Fellows' Prize for Research, three LANL Distinguished Performance Awards, two NNSA DP Awards of Excellence, the LANL Distinguished Copyright Award, and an R&D 100 Award, and is a member of the DOE Advanced Scientific Computing Advisory Committee.

Eric Hahn received a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from Prof. Marc Meyers’ group in University of California San Diego in 2016. Eric now is a Postdoc Research Associate in Los Alamos National Laboratory in USA and a promising young scientist. He has rich experience in molecular dynamics simulations, especially in the investigation of dynamic behaviors of materials. His work has involved various kinds of engineering materials including metals (Fe, Ta, Cu) and ceramics (SiC). Great progress has been made during his work in LANL.