Innovative education and learning methods—Sharing by Prof. L.H. Li from the University of Hong Kong
time: 2018-06-05

At 6:30 PM on March 21, the workshop sharing lecture from Prof. L.H. Li, the Deputy Dean of Faculty of Architecture, the University of Hong Kong, was held at the meeting room, Room 220, Building 7.

Borderless workshop sharing lecture

Prof. Li is the Deputy Dean of Faculty of Architecture and the Director of the Department of Real Estate and Construction, the University of Hong Kong. He is in charge of undergraduate teaching and holds the post of degree course director, with extensive experience in Workshop Teaching. This time, Prof. Li delivered a lecture about the mode of Real Estate and Construction Workshops Teaching at HKU for teachers of SCUT.

Prof. JI Jing, the Vice Dean of the School of Civil Engineering and Transportation, gave a speech for this sharing lecture. She expressed her appreciation to Prof. Li for his cooperation with South China University of Technology, which brought us significant sharing of teaching and research.


Prof. Ji delivered a speech

The theme of this lecture isBorderless Workshop: Cross-city and Interdisciplinary Collaborative Learning Environment Experiment in Real Estate Education. As the course director and workshop long-term course teacher, Prof. Li introduced how teachers in the Department of Real Estate and Construction provide a series of situational simulation for students, organize workshops and encourage students to combine and apply knowledge which they learned from traditional courses to solve practical problems related to urban development. In addition, Prof. Li also shared a new way of online communication beyond geographic and disciplinary boundaries, in which case students from different places, different colleges or different majors can use IWB for the real-time information exchange. Teachers and students can see the real-time dynamics of each member and give immediate response. This way of mutual exchange of learning has obtained a good effect through continuous improvement, which is the definition and embodiment of “Borderless”.

  Prof. Li shared the experience

The sharing of Prof. Li greatly raised the interests of the teachers present. They actively asked questions about the courses setting of the workshop, ways to educate students and the online white board communication. Everyone expressed their own opinions, which created an active atmosphere in the lecture. During the exchanges of ideas, everyone benefited a lot.


Discussion section

This sharing session further enhanced understanding of teaching models of the workshop and the “flipping class” between the South China University of Technology and University of Hong Kong. It was of positive significance in facilitating the long-term cooperation and further promoted both sides to learn from each other and achieve common progress.